The intricate working of Singing bowls

Singing bowls have gained great popularity in the recent years as sounds of meditation. They are bowls that produce soothing sounds which help in meditation, aid in healing and relax nervous minds. Traditionally, they were also used in ceremonies

How singing bowls work

Singing bowls have a mysterious aura about them. On the outside, they look just like your typical traditional manual crushing bowl. You run the mallet around the bowl rim producing exotic sounds that are believed to fix your chakra points and align them causing relaxation. This is how these antique singing bowls for sale seem to work.

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The inner details

The singing bowls instill a certain rhythmic pattern. The pattern differs with bowls since the bowls are different from one another. In a chakra singing bowl set, there are about 7 bowls. Each bowl focusses on releasing one of the seven chakra points. The rhythm sounds designated as C, D, E, F, G, A and B follow the chakra points of Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown in this order. The bowls vary in size to strike a chord with the right chakra points with root having the smallest diameter and crown the largest.

For a complete relaxation session, you need to have the entire chakra singing set. However, you can simply choose the one that sits well with you. The sounds produced are known as Perfection and it impacts the brain and the nervous system synchronizing with the brain waves.

This alteration in the brain wave relaxes and slows down the breathing, heart rate, brain waves as well as the reflex bringing about a sense of tranquility. You can get antique singing bowls for sale online today.

Techniques for playing the singing bowls

1- Around the Rim technique
This is the most common technique in which you hold the bowl in your left palm and run the mallet around the rim of the bowl gently. Use even pressure to move the mallet clockwise on the outside rim. Make sure to move your entire arm and not just your wrist. Adjust your speed to get the right frequency for you.

2- Wah-Wah technique
This is a complicated and uncommon yet amazing technique. First, make your bowl sing using the around the rim technique. Then bring the bowl to your mouth level approximately an inch away. Open and close your mouth thinking of the sound wah-wah without actually making any sound. Just shape your mouth to let the sound of the bowl reflect within your mouth.

3- Water technique
You can also produce special sounds by adding a very small amount of water to the bowl. Less water produces better sound. Use the mallet around the rim technique and enjoy the new song of the bowl. You can swirl the water within the bowl by tilting your hand and listen to the change in sounds.

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