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What Are The Different Types Of Contact Lenses?

What is a contact lens? This is mostly asked by those who are not familiar with it. Contact lenses are small circular pieces of glass. This is cautiously put in the eyes. In fact, this is intended for corrective, therapeutic and cosmetic reasons. This is initially originated in 1508 with the idea of Leonardo da Vinci. With years passing by, geo contact lens has been more improving and progressing by the brilliant professionals. These enhancement made for the lenses defined by its lifespan, uses, and characteristics.

The 2 characteristics of contact lenses

There are 2 characteristics of lenses namely the rigid contacts and the soft contacts. These two are made of permeable polymers material that allows sufficient oxygen in getting through the cornea of a human eye.

  • Soft contact lenses. It is designed for a more comfortable to use rather than rigid gas permeable contacts. It has a UV protection layer to shield the normal eyes’ layer. This is more fragile and more unsafe to eye contamination assigned its thinner layer.
  • Rigid gas permeable contact lenses. The users need more time to accustomed. The application of this lens is simpler to place and to remove.

The two wear schedule of these two main types of lenses extended wear and daily disposable. Simply click to know about geo contact lens, how it will make a very expressive and eye-catching eye. Daily disposable lenses are referred to as 1-day disposable. This is ideal for those who have allergic and sensitive eyes. Daily disposable lenses need not clean regularly, some people considered it as more hassle than the other ones. It is also advisable to be thrown before sleeping. It is designed for daytime use. In contrast to that. Extended wear lenses are functional with no need to remove.

Two types of extended wear lenses

With a lot of lenses varieties, there are 2 main types of extended wear lenses. In fact, there are lenses that are used more than a weeks time, and the others are ones that can be used in a month. These lenses that are used in a month are called the super permeable. It contained Silicone Hydrogel that provides more oxygen when compared to the other lenses. Contact lenses have various purposes. It can be used for corrective, therapeutic and fad purposes. There are many types of cosmetic lenses to select. It starts with light-filtering tint, color tint, and enhancement tint. The color tints modify the shade of the eyes into different colors. But, mostly green, violet and amethyst. Light-filtering tints are designed for sports. It has mute specific colors. The tint will be an enhancement instrument. It colors the eyes through its translucent tint. There are bifocal concerning the correction modality. In fact, orthokeratology and toric lenses correct certain vision problems. Bifocal contact lenses are ideal for an eye that suffers from focus inability. Presbyopia is called focus inability in near things. There are lenses intended for Presbyopia patients. It can be made either rigid gas permeable or soft materials. These are special lenses that are made for people in need of it.

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