Tips To Buy Quality Shirts

There is no doubt the shirt is a central part of everyone’s wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a casual style or an official look that means serious business, you can never go wrong with a quality shirt. The sad thing is that not many guys know how to buy shirts. Most of the time, it’s often a continuous process of trial and error until eventually by luck you land the shirt you love. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are a number of pretty simple tricks that you can explore in buying shirts so that it takes you less time and gets you the quality that you are looking for. Here are some of these tips:

The Right Fit Matters

This is a very basic thing that can make all the difference. Shirts are beautiful but will only look good on you if they are a perfect fit. And we are not talking about tight here. There are some guys who have this insane idea that a perfect fit is a shirt that holds you tightly. Well, it’s not! A perfect fit is simply a shirt that is not too tight, or too loose. It’s simply tailored slightly bigger than your upper body. Wearing a shirt that’s too tight will make you quite uncomfortable and a loose one will look a little bit off. In that case, get the right fit.

It’s Not Really About Cost

If you wanted a shirt for $1, you’d probably get it on sale somewhere. But it’s not like you are in the market for a $1 shirt, or are you? As crazy as it sounds, there are so many people who often get caught up too much with the cost to the extent of ignoring quality. Wearing a stylish, well designed and comfortable shirt is a great feeling but trust me, you don’t get all that for $1. If you want quality, perhaps it would be nice to spend a little bit extra and buy the best shirts you can find. Besides, you don’t need to break the bank to buy yourself the best shirts, they are pretty much affordable for anyone.

Colors and Fabrics

The color of your shirt may not be really important but it can play a part in upgrading or complimenting your wardrobe. If you are mostly a suits guy, bright colored shirts will of course come handy. As for guys who just love a causal look with some khaki trousers on the torso and sneakers on the feet, a striped shirt will compliment that look. As for the fabric, cotton is often very popular with men shirts. But you can still explore other fabrics such as silk or linen but mostly cotton will do. Either way, you should choose something you love.

Buying a shirt is after all an easy thing especially having looked at the simple tips above. The great thing is that you will find quite a number of websites online to buy quality shirts. You can visit to learn more.

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