Tips on how to choose the right cleat

Getting the right cleats is quite an ambiguous sentence. That’s because what is right for one person may not be right for another. That is why it is a matter of personal taste and preference when it comes to making the right choice.

Choosing a regular daily wear is different from choosing a cleat. A football cleat is specially designed for football. It is different from sports shoes and it is different from shoes designed for other sports. Hence, as a player, you would like to pay extra attention to how you pick out your cleats. You can find some great tips on buying cleats at

choosing a cleat

What should you look out for?

1- How you play

Players have different styles even while playing the same game. This is influenced by the position that the player plays in. Some players play in more than one position. These positions and playing styles require different types of supporting cleats.

2- Where you play

The pitches on which you play also determine the type of cleats you may need. You need firm shoes to play on wet grounds and artificial ones. If you play on multiple grounds you can choose FG boots that are suitable for most surfaces.

3- Shoe material

You may prefer leather over synthetic material or vice-versa. Several other shoe materials are also available. Some companies use a mix of materials to provide a better quality product. In any case, choose the material that makes your feet comfortable. You must already have an idea about which material suits your feet. So choose a cleat suitably.

4- Cleat weight

In general, lightweight cleats are considered good. However, it again comes down to your preference. Some players like to have some weight on their legs in order to give the ball a better propulsion. You might like the lighter ones because it makes you feel as though you are kicking with your bare legs. Light shoes also help you run faster.

5- Price tag

You need to consider the money aspect after all. You need cleats that are good for you and you can afford them. There are various options that you can explore within your range so don’t get disheartened if your budget is low. Generally, good cleats are available starting from $ 80. Cleats below that range often under perform.

6- Foot Shape

Okay, let’s face the fact. Not all of us have ideal feet. Some of us have small feet, while others have larger ones. Some of us have aligned feet while others have wide ones. This fact is not one you should ignore while looking for ideal cleats. So it’s better to try out your shoes before you purchase them.

So don’t waste time. Get the best cleat advice and offers from and get your cleats today.


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