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People want more of everything; it is a fact of life. A girl wants her prom to be just right and ordering from rissyroos is about the only thing that she gotten right so far in her final year at school apart from the obvious choice of boyfriends that she has had to sieve through, there is an obvious correlation. So keeping that aspect in mind, there is something from that point that we can take to analyse what women really like. In terms of what they look like and what dress they are wearing, it is somewhat the same thing, they want it to be absolutely perfect, every time. That is the fact that everyone knows. But some women have the tendency to take it one step further and see to it that they look the greatest all the time, thus making their lives a walking makeup salon and fashion dress wardrobe.

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Things always do not seem to go the way that they should be. If a person wanted their daughter’s prom or a special occasion to be that extra special and decided that shopping at was their best bet and that would be the right choice that they would have made but it does not mean that you did it because you believed in it. so how does one decide what their daughter likes and does not like. How can we find out what women like and do not like? Is there a secret trick or a position that we must take in order to find out how that is possible? Or is there a manual that gives men instructions on that particular aspect. Woman like one thing and that is being perfect in everything that they do. If it is not done just right, then there is no point in doing it whatsoever. In terms of what they are wearing. That is a whole another story all together. It is obvious that when a woman goes to a store to buy something that she wants to wear for a special occasion, there is no telling what will happen the next second. If the entire world were to make dresses, it would still not be enough.


Whenever someone want things to be the way that they want it to, then there would be nothing else that they can do in order to stop that urge. But that kind of urge has risks and there has to be some consideration made to consider the effects of that particular action of theirs and that would lead them to believe that sometimes it is better to not deal with things that one cannot control.

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