Every Man’s Guide to Wearing Bracelets

Accessories are the extension of your personality, whether you are a man or a woman. With this, you should not be ashamed of expressing yourself especially when it comes to bracelets for men. Yes, even men can wear bracelets.

A well-chosen bracelet is not considered the centerpiece of your outfit but it can be considered an accent – it can emphasize your overall look. The challenge here is when to wear it. To inspire you, here’s a guide to wearing bracelets:

Beaded bracelets

If you have beaded bracelets for men, it can be a nice addition to your casual style. Aside from casual events, beaded bracelets can also be used for formal events where you can be adequately dressed. However, matching these types of bracelets can be challenging because you are not only looking at its color but as well as the size, shape and the texture.

To help you get started, remember to match the colors of your bracelet to something else in your outfit. You do not want to wear bracelets that stand out too much otherwise people will focus on your wrist. Remember that beaded bracelets with colorful or large beads are not suitable for more formal events.

Metal band bracelets

Metal band bracelets are probably the most upscale style of bracelet for you because it can go well with suits and ties. Simply put, these bracelets are more suitable for more formal events. A single and solid metal on your wrist tells other people one thing – masculinity.

Metal band bracelets are best if you want a little flash on your outfit. However, do not overdo it. One or two colors of metal will suffice and you do not need gemstones. Since these are chunky to pair with a wristwatch, you have to forego the other.

Strings and rope cords bracelets

The opposite of metal band bracelets is strings and rope cords. Strings and rope cords are interesting because they have various thicknesses. Aside from that, these materials are easy to personalise. In fact, you can make your own without putting much effort.

Although you cannot wear strings and rope cord bracelets during board meetings, you can still wear it to express your creativity during ordinary days. It will make you look fun because of the quirky personal touch.

Leather cuffs

Leather cuffs can be solid or braided. Black leather cuffs are classic punk style. You see these bracelets paired well with Doc Martens, black t-shirt and black jeans. Other colored leather cuffs speak of different culture.

These colored leather cuffs can be considered if you do not want the big metal band. It speaks of a more relaxed and laid-back culture. For instance, the brown leather cuffs are a classic take on the style with blazers and boat shoes.

Wrapping up

There are other types of bracelets like rock and roll jewelry, rubber bands, I.D bracelets, and health bands. Since your outfit changes every day, you need to shop for bracelets that will work with whatever you have. If you are still starting, you can consider a few simple pieces that will pair with your favorite outfits. If you want more, you can always expand your collection.

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