Dawn Of Machines Brings In A Host Of Issues


Ever since the start of the industrial revolution, we humans have become so dependent on machines and technology that we cannot even think of a world today without them. What was craved for to make our lives a much more easy and convenient being technology has become the life many of us are living nowadays. It is quite clear now that machines are part of our world just like food is needed to sustain us and air is needed for breathe. Nothing in the modern world would be able to survive not even the very food we eat get to our dinner tables, as the farming uses more machines than labour. From man-controlled machines to the machines being controlled by other machines that are more advanced such as a computer. We leave the most precious and important duties in the society to machines such as the heart rate monitor or the cranes that build skyscrapers and so on.


The Sedentary Culture

Ever since the inception of the business field and company, production, and operations era we have seen the lazy and lethargic lifestyle of the desk jobs. Having a desk job from the morning to evening is the new trend and if you are not an ‘office’ goer you are a no show. However, recently there is a worrying problem that might shoot up to astronomical proportions if left unattended. The office sedentary posture and chair problem. Since everything is automated and done through the internet there is really no need for work to be active. Passive work maybe the best policy for the company but it is certainly harmful for your bodies, especially your back and neck. Certain sites address this issue such as where they deal with the reasons, common problems in solving it, and the best way to solve it. If the chair solution was simply not to work in companies and in a culture that has a sedentary environment, the unemployment rate would skyrocket across the world.


Thus in conclusion there is little that can be done to solve this problem of a sedentary culture other than to change the way we operate and spend time in the office environment. With the help of these sites we can safely assume that the sedentary life is that much more pleasant and enjoyable to everyone.

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