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Ba-na-na-na-na-na- That’s a MINION !!

The Minions are small yellow creatures who dress in blue overalls and goggles. They first appeared in an animation film called Despicable me as the henchmen for evil Gru , who was one of the character of the movie. Even though they were not the main protagonist, they were loved the world over. They became so popular that Universal studios came up with their own movie called Minionism in 2015 which did very well worldwide.

These little yellow critters as they are described are very impulsive creatures with wide eyed innocence, which make them very endearing and relatable to their audience. It’s not their looks which make them endearing, it is how they make people feel which make them love these sidekicks of the movie. They behave like children, giggle at everything, and make any situation a funny one which makes the kids and adults love them.

Get The Banana Language Home

They talk in their own gibberish language, called Minionese, popularly known as “Banana Language” which increases their mass appeal. Their perpetual failure in completing any task given to them have made them a factory of jokes and their abstractedness made them memes worthy which can be seen in all the social media websites. Their fame has made them into internet sensation and world renowned as almost everyone is able to recognize and tell who Minions are.

Because of their increasing fan base both amongst the kids and adults, marketing companies have tried to cash their popularity by bringing out Minion merchandise, which cater to the entire spectrum of the population from kids to adolescents to adults. The capsule shaped character with a silly expression can be seen anywhere and everywhere. They are very popular as plush minion toys which come in different shapes and size. They can found on balloons to a pencil box, water bottles, lunch boxes, school bags and all kinds of apparels and even on baby diapers. Every kid who is a Minion fan wants to have their own Minion by their side.  Kids these days even plan a Minion themed birthday party, with all the accessories like balloons, cutlery, tablecloth, and plates have a print of them. The Minion furnishings are also very popular among kids. They want their rooms done up with Minion bedsheets, cushions, and curtains even towels. There are also wall clocks and all kind of alarm clocks both digital and analogue with Minions on.

The adolescents like to put up Minion posters with a Minion quote in their rooms to bring in humor in their busy lives. The memes made on them is also very funny and loved by all as the joke is almost always cracked on them.  The cell phone covers and tablet sleeves, coffee mugs, apparels, and shoes are also very popular with Minion fans.

The Minions are even popular amongst teachers. They use their memes and gifs for their PowerPoint presentations and even conduct DIYs minion projects to make the students understand different concepts in a playful manner.

Minions, who started as a sidekick, with clever marketing, have become a cult figure and with every new film release their popularity soars and we will not see them going anywhere soon.

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