5 wedding trends in India you won’t regret

In case you are considering a wedding with sizeable celebration or an affectionate gathering with few friends and relatives, or a non-conformist theme or majestic gathering, or conservative or a spiritual ceremony everything is feasible.

A wedding day is a situation which a couple would like to remember. However, in recent years Indians are convinced that the wedding day and related functions has elements has progression and leaning which is modern new and up to date.

Weddings of present times developing and unfolding based on modern suggestions and the personality of the couple. Unusual beauty orientation such as functioning without make-up, clothing inclinations in the choice of the colour, wearing sneakers etc is the new direction.

Clothing outfit specially of the bride is the leading central character. The tradition dominates the trends. Fashion guru’s find that traditional lehengas has an edge over modern attire. The bride’s preferences go for heritage outfits acquired from mothers and grandmothers and renovating them. The millennial brides adhere to old traditions. However, creativeness and novelty are the trend setter. This is brought about by motifs, embellishments, zardozi, sequins for an appealing look. Silk fabric are in demand. Assemblage is very subtly used.

Bridal jewellery which is now exaggerated and striking is making its way back. Some still prefer time-honoured pieces. The trend that is catching up is piles of layering, mounds based on classical regal appeal. The other option is mix-and-match gemstones as well as diamonds as attractive and centre of attraction. These pieces of jewellery can be worn later as well. In recent times calm colours are lovable in Meenakari jewellery and is a must in bridal trousseau.

Destination of the wedding establishes the emphasis of the celebration in recent times. With celebrities tying knot in fairy-tale like destinations the common couples are also on look out now for different off-the-chart locations to get married. The trend setting locations with exotic charm include Bahrain, Doha, Baku, and Vietnam. In the national sphere it is Kerala the tapestry of natural landscape, goa, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and hill stations of the north which is more in demand. In vouge are resorts, beaches, and cultural buildings or Mahal.

Our capital city has luxury wedding halls in Delhi NCR. You can go online and filter by budget, check prices availability and menu. Reviews will give you a fair idea about the evaluation of the place. There are several prestigious and iconic banquet places in Delhi and NCR. The rates are competitive. It is advisable to book the hall well in advance to avoid disappointment.

The traditional garland loaded stage is diminishing in demand. The sober unobtrusive trend is not the ideal model. Everything needs to have a bounce. Striking wedding design where décor makes an assertion is the latest trend. Included in it the floral positioning, plenty of mirrors, all assembled in large scale. Tree decoration is in vogue. Bigger is the trend and décor are getting more experimental. This fact is accepted by the couple. The couples are also now not in favour of POP, thermals, cement, concrete, metal etc. The themes are eco-friendlier.

In wedding cards, the trend is for lush leaves, chirping birds, motifs floral designs with tropical invites is in vouge for traditional and themed wedding. Colours are pastel shades.