Ways Coffee Affect The Workplace

In more ways than one, coffee is one of those drinks that could surpass alcohol in breaking the tension in a group. It is more than just following the norms of society. Coffee drinking is actually a ritual that many people take part in. It has been said many times, that coffee brings us together. Now that same principle is being applied to the workplace. Work environment, with the addition of a coffee, is instantly transformed into a home for some employees. Just the smell of coffee brings with it the signals to your brain that a new day has begun and that readies you for the work ahead. What is in coffee that brings people together, especially in the workplace? Read on below as we take a look at why coffee is the grease in the workplace that has the power to smooth friction over.

Hot Coffee Tells People That You Are A Nice Person To Work With

A study was done in a prestigious university showing the correlation of how a person was perceived by giving out either hot or cold coffee. Surprisingly the perception mirrored the temperature of the beverage that came from that subject. When the subject gave out hot coffee, he was perceived as a nice person to work with. When he handed out ice cold coffee, the warm attachments levels also diminished. This shows how powerful a symbolism in the workplace coffee can be. Corporate setups just love to take advantage of this tidbit of information.

Coffee Makes Staff Productive

With the flow of coffee comes the flow of creative ideas. Coffee is a known nootropic, as it enhances the brain’s cognitive functions. Coffee unlocks creative juices and therefore get more productive work done by the staff. This is something that modern corporations are taking advantage of. Investing in a well-stocked coffee bar in the pantry can bring wonders and will be well received by the employees. It does not have to be fancy and expensive, it could be just a jar of instant coffee, a french press coffee maker, or an expensive espresso machine, it still would not matter. What you are creating is an area where people can relax and be themselves. You create a place within the workplace where everyone is holding the great equalizer, which is an amazing cup of coffee.

Coffee Breaks Tension

In a particularly heated debate over an idea in the workplace, someone would say, let us grab a cup of coffee and get back to this discussion in 15 minutes. At that moment almost all anger and bitterness disappears and the group shifts its focus into the delicious beverage they would be having. Coffee has the ability to break inhibitions and tension. A team may get along better when coffee is involved. Does it go without saying then that if you want a team of happy, and productive people? Provide some hot, tasty and invigorating coffee and you will be so much closer to achieving just that.

Wrapping It Up

Coffee, without even drinking it brings people together from the very beginning of its beans. Before it even touches a cup into your home or office, it has already gone through a long journey bringing together the landowners, the farmers, and those who worked to give you that bean you are about to grind and transform into that famous and delicious beverage that everyone loves.

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