Top Picks For Natural and Quick Tattoo Removal

If you have tried the natural methods like salt, Aloe Vera, Vaseline, and some other common natural tattoo removal methods and they failed, then you might be looking for the ones which actually work. The truth be told, the methods are not ineffective, it is your skin that doesn’t respond to the ingredient as expected. After all, every person has different skin. You might not be able to use them for small and sensitive areas, but you can still use them.

So, here are the top picks of the methods that might work for eyebrow tattoo removal too.

1: Hydrogen Peroxide: The chemical will surely fade away the tattoo. But still, some marks will be left behind on the surface.

2: Lemon Juice: Due to the bleaching property of lemon, the effect of the juice will be on the upper skin to diminish the tattoo up to an extent. It cannot penetrate under the skin where the ink sits but still, it will lighten up the skin.

natural tattoo removal

3: Salicylic Acid: This ingredient also works to lighten up your tattoo. It works on the epidermis but still can’t affect the tattoo pigments inside the skin.

4: Exfoliation: It might be the only natural tattoo removal method that works. You can use a pumice stone or a hard scrubber to exfoliate the skin. But doing it more often can cause serious damage to the skin. It harms the skin so much that it has to regenerate and the maximum chances are that the new skin will cover up the tattoo to a certain limit.

5: Removal Creams: Nowadays, doctors have invented specific creams for tattoo removal which can be very expensive. As compared to the natural remedies, you will have to spend a lot only for the same results as of natural methods.

But now, there is some better alternative that can be used to cover up the tattoos that you regret. These methods are safe and don’t even cost much.

  • Makeup: Yes, makeup can work wonders if you know how to use it correctly. Depending on the size of your tattoo, applying that much makeup on your skin every day might take some time. But you can easily sue makeup as an alternative to eyebrow tattoo removal. Makeup can conceal the tattoo as if it is not even present on the skin. You will be amazed to see the results.
  • Cover Up Tattoo: The main reason why people regret the tattoo is that they don’t like it anymore. So, you can ask your tattoo artist to cover it up with something you love. This way, you will have a win and you won’t have to spend thousands of bucks for removal. The talented artists can change your tattoo into something cool and creative so that you won’t feel embarrassed about it.

As you can see, the results of natural tattoo removal are different for different people. So, before you get to the operation lab, you should think about using the natural ingredients hoping that they will work.