Tips for Maintaining the Shape & Color of Knitwear

Wardrobe Fashion! Dazzling Knitwear Classic Cut-out Designs

With the arrival of winter season, everyone takes out the knitwear to keep the body warm.Before adjusting winter wardrobe, you need to discard many knitted garments due to pilling, stretching, out of shape or smelling. Knitwear needs proper care to retain their shape and texture. Definitely, knitted garments are expensive and you desire to use your favorite cardigan, vest, sweater or top for the next few years.Use of Wardrobe Fashion coupon code to pick the elegant knitwear and then follow the below mentioned procedures to maintain the quality:

Check the Tag

After buying a knitwear item, it is your responsibility to understand the label, care instructions and laundry symbols. The tag helps in understanding the nature of fabric. Basically knitwear cardigans and sweaters are designed by interlocking fibers therefore the material must be cared in a different way. Usually the knitted items can bear the gentle machine wash in cold water. Silk, cashmere and cotton fabric can be washed on frequent basis but the wool should be washed after 6 wear because the wool is durable and the yarns do not get dirty after one or two wears.

Washing Tips for Trendy Knitwear

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After buying the preferred knitted garments, follow the washing tips to maintain the stylish look. Just wash the knitted items (covered in a bag) for five minutes in a machine. Take out the sweater or cardigan after five minute wash. If there are more knitted garments, cover each item in a separate mesh bag and then wash in cold water. It is possible to hand wash the delicate knitwear by adding the laundry detergent in cool water. Just soak the sweater and sweatshirts for a few minutes. After washing, press gently to remove excessive water. Instead of hanging lay the knitwear flat on any surface to dry. There are some knitted garments that can bear low iron on inside surface. Washing in hot water, hot drying as well as hot ironing is prohibited.

Eliminate the Pilling

Different types of knitwear need pilling after a few washes. Loose or short fibers emerge on the surface and knot together to make pilling. Cashmere and angora are the fabrics that show excessive pilling due to overload of loose fibers. It is recommended to eliminate the pilling and bring back the actual color and texture.

The way to discard the pilling is a bit creepy but it works effectively. Just shave the knitwear surface with a disposable razor. These days, garment shavers are also in the market that discards the pilling without damaging the material.

Get the wardrobe fashion coupon code to choose eye-catching designs in a wide range of colors. After wearing the sweaters, sweatshirts, vest or cardigan, fold the knits properly to maintain their shape.

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