The Quick and Easy Way to Extend the Life of Your Nail Polish

It is indeed frustrating to see when your nail polish color starts to get clumpy or dried out. While this is normal, there is something that you can do to extend the life of your nail polish. To help you get started, here’s a list of the quickest and easiest ways to extend the life of your nail polish:

Know your options

You should know about Colores semipermanentes or semi-permanent polish, which is carried out by nail specialists. This is completely new but it already gained fame because it is durable, long wearing and natural looking. The process will start with the application of a specific type of enamel with gel polishes, which will give you the best results.

When this gel is applied on the nail, it will require a UV lamp or LED to dry the nails immediately. This process will increase the polish’s durability for up to 21 days without affecting or damaging the overall nail. With this, you do not need to come to the salon every week.

Wipe down nails with vinegar

If you want to save money, you can handle nail polish but you have to do it the right way. Before you apply a basecoat, it is important that you use a cotton swab to wipe the nails with vinegar. This will effectively remove the buildup of natural oils and other products on your nailbeds.

Colores semipermanentes

Avoid soaking nails before painting

There are some manicurists that soak the nails to soften the cuticles. When you do the same, the nails will retain water and it will expand. After painting, they will shrink. This means that your polish will no longer fit the nails. To soften the cuticle, you should consider cuticle oil instead of soaking it in water.

Refrain from getting any polish on your cuticles

The polish should only be on your nail’s surface – not including the cuticles. If you get any polish on your cuticles, it will lift the paint from your nail, which will eventually lead to chipping. It is recommended that you do not cut your cuticles. Ideally, you just need to push them back with the help of cuticle oil and a cuticle pusher.

Learn how to apply a basecoat

You should learn how to apply the basecoat to extend the life of nail polish. Experts recommend that you need to apply two coats of basecoat at the tips of your nails. Keep in mind that nail tips are prone to chipping. By adding one more coat, it can protect the polish and the nail in general.

Get rid of air bubbles

You can simply roll the nail polish between your hands to get rid of air bubbles. Bear in mind that if you paint your nails with air bubbles, it will chip faster.

Utilise cool air when drying nails

If it is semi-permanent enamel polish, you will not worry about drying. With UV lamps or LED lights, drying is immediate. However, if you are on your own, it is recommended to utilise cool air when drying the nails. Avoid using a blow dryer or fan. Try dipping fingers in ice water for two minutes to aid drying.

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