Reasons Why Hair Fixing Is Getting More Popular In the Past Decade

Although both men and women suffer from hairloss, it is more pronounced in men who suffer from baldness. While they may retain all the hair in the back and sides of their head, areas which are genetically immune to balding, they lose most or all of the hair on the top of their heads.Human hair is procured from various sources, cleaned and processed before being sold by the lucrative hair industry.Although hair transplant procedures are catching up fast, they are quite expensive and the forte of celebrities who can afford it and for whom a receding hair line will have disastrous effects on their career.

While many take in their stride, being mentally ready for the genetic catastrophe, it does not go down well for celebrities and film personalities. They either cover their heads with expensive hats, bandanas etc. or resort to more expensive solutions.

That is Non-Surgical technique of hair replacement system in which we at first gauge the hair loss province afterwards stick the hair silicon system on the scalp with the support of Silicon bond or only by silicon tapes that put together on the skull for 4 to 5 week in which you can accomplish all usual performance like shampooing, oiling, play sports etc. with ordinary natural facade end result straight away in simple trouble free straight forward procedure.

Is it Hair Fixing was Permanent elucidation for Baldness?

That is best non-surgical way out of hair loss or thinning hair. That is permanent course of action in which you can do washing, participate in sports, drive bike etc. without take out the hair silicon system. But after few weeks you have to follow services whenever it loosens up so Semi-Permanent solution regarding fixing for life time.

Advantages of hair fixing:-

  • Low cost than surgical hair transplant
  • Immediate effect technique
  • Solo day session procedure
  • No hospitalization for surgery involved
  • 100% out of harm’s way process
  • Accomplish any hair length along volume
  • Pain free & safe
  • Hygienically performed by hair expert
  • Can make any dreamed hairstyle
  • For maintenance use normal shampoo, oil, spa cream etc.
  • Undemanding action formula to fix hairs
  • Accessible in Men’s and Women’s
  • Germane in every juncture of hair loss

Disadvantages or Side-effects of hair fixing:-

  • Not permanent solution
  • Not growing hairs involves
  • Necessitate maintenance after few weeks
  • Need coloring after few months whenever additional hairs lose color
  • Preferable to employed flat brush
  • Extra service cost of monthly
  • Take more to make hairstyle than natural hairs
  • No error of margin so always conscious about hair looks

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