An Overview on Costume Jewellery

The day of the engagement is just a momentous day planned for the bride-to-be and the bridegroom, which is quite special to think about.  It is a wonderful moment shared by the two soulmates and their families.  Excitement, love, happiness, deep joy, romance, nostalgia all come together in a rolling pot of emotional joy and contentment.

The jewellery business has undergone a drastic transformation over the years.  The market of Indian fashion jewellery has emerged as one of the fastest growing business segments in the Country. The Indian costume jewellery industry is booming in quantum, mainly under the patronage of young people due to increasing demands.  In future, the costume jewellery market is expected to grow with the rise in gold and silver prices, growing consumer preferences, availability of more innovative designs and more.

Original diamond and plated like gold toe rings jewellery has now paved the way for artificial jewellery.  The skyrocketing prices of traditional jewellery, be it gold, diamonds or silver, have pushed to the top for affordable costume jewellery.  Women in particular purchase fashion and statement jewellery to show their signature style at every event.

Imitation jewellery such as costume jewellery is very common, especially among college teenagers and young men and women between the ages of 16-19.  Since imitation jewellery is priced at an affordable price, they can get a variety and keep up with the changing fashion.

Costume jewellery, including bridal jewellery and fashion jewellery, appears in movies which is a major driving factor for the growing demand for costume jewellery in India.  These gems shown in movies help people to follow the upcoming trends and it also gives a sense of pride to wear the same jewellery as the actor / actress in the movie.

The fashion jewellery industry is growing faster than the years of free flow of imports to India.  The growth of the industry has gained the necessary momentum as a result of the opening up of Chinese and Eastern markets.  Markets are flooded with cheap Chinese products, including attractive cuts, designs and metals.  These products are highly durable and also the customer gets what they pay for.  Fancy engraved signet rings, necklaces, chokers, trinkets, bracelets etc. have attracted the youth. Men have also shown great interest in these types of fashion and statement jewellery.

There are several players in the fashion jewellery market including manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.  Sales through online stores and exhibitions are major contributors to the sales of costume jewellery in India.  Local fairs also attract lots of customers and people can buy pieces at lower prices than online stores.  Online sales have also started to pick up its pace due to the availability of a wide range, good patterns, exchangeable and other factors which has caused the sales to reach new heights. Indian patterns in fashion or costume jewellery are hot selling during the festive season as women prefer imitation jewellery over valuable jewellery due to its affordability, durability and it is much cheaper than gold and silver jewellery.